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The Anatomy of Golf Clubs

As simple as they look, best golf clubs are not only sticks with heads one needs to use to hit golf balls with. Every material, every angle, and every measurement of these sticks are calculated and chosen specifically to make that one hit count, making a golf ball move to the right places.

The club wouldn’t be complete without its parts. The general parts of this kind of equipment are the shaft and the club head. There are other parts are the grip, hosel, and ferule.

Best Golf ClubsThe shaft is the longest part of the club that connects the head to the part where the player holds the whole piece. Throughout history, there were different materials used in the construction of the shaft. The original shafts were made from more flexible and softer woods, such as ash and hazel wood. Different types of wood were then used, as designed by makers like Robert Forgan. Robert Forgan used American hickory instead of ash and hazel wood. Later on, during the 1900s, steel shafts were starting to become popular after the Prince of Wales ordered his best golf clubs to be made of steel with his own specifications. Shafts made from steel completely dominated the shafts made from wood after the introduction of the golf ball with a core made of rubber, the Haskell ball.

Nowadays, aside from metals, like steel in particular, carbon fiber composite is also used to make the shaft. The shaft is around 0.5 inches in diameter adjacent to the grip, then tapers down to the head. Its length is around 34 to 48 inches and it weighs around 45 to 150 grams. Different materials have different weights, thus the weight of the shaft depends on the material used. A lighter the shaft, such as in the case of carbon fiber composite, will allow a faster swing. Aside from the material and the size of the shaft, the other properties that the shaft have that is important for its function are flexibility and twist.

Flexibility is the extent at which the shaft could bend to upon being given a load. The more flexible the shaft is, the less power is needed to hit the golf ball and to reach a longer distance (compared to a more rigid shaft that requires more power for hitting the golf ball and reaching the same distance). The twist is also a function of the flexibility of the shaft, but it pertains more to the effect on the shaft due to torque.

At the far ends of the best golf clubs are the grip and the head. The grip is the part wherein the player holds the club and opposite of that end is the head. Before, the grip is composed of leather wrappings in the shaft. Nowadays, the grip is a one-piece material covering the end of the shaft, glued with a strong adhesive. The usual materials used now for the grip are rubber or synthetic materials. The head is the part which hits the golf ball. Before, hardwood such as cherry, beech, and apple wood are used to make the head, after which American Persimmon was used because of the invention of the “guttie” golf ball made from the gutta-percha trees. Then came the use of steel. These heads usually have only one side used to strike the ball, but in some cases, they have two sides. Both sides should have the same characteristics.

The hosel is the part where the head is attached to the shaft. Ferrule is on top of hosel, forming a continuous look from the shaft to the hosel.

One will definitely lose a certain percentage of function when one loses a limb or part or their body. Similar to a golf club, it looks like a whole piece because it certainly must be a single unit as mandated by the rules of golf but with some of its parts gone, it will surely lose its function. For no matter how good a golf player is, that individual will not be able to play golf without best golf clubs.

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Best Golf clubs are used to make golf balls go into the holes in the sport golf. There are various shapes, sizes, and forms of clubs, which golfers use in different situations to be able to shoot that ball into the right hole.