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4 Unfortunate Events in the History of Cremation

Cremation has been practiced for years and has experienced a few accidents in its service. Here are five of the few known mishaps in its history.Whether you are in need of traditional funeral options or cremation services visit

1.A Heavy Problem in the Crematorium

In the middle of a crematory process, the body fat of a 200 kg woman clogged the air filters of a crematorium, causing the system to overheat and set fire. The fire was put out before it could burn down the facility, but it was too late. There had been damage on the building. It had to be shut down for a few days. The whole of Graz became more cautious on the cremation of obese bodies to avoid another accident from occurring in the future.

The entire Austria also took precaution in performing cremation after that incident. The world also took action by developing crematoria that can hold all kinds of body types and weight up to 1000 lbs.

2.Tragedy of the Tri-State

CremationA crematorium in Georgia, USA had over 30 years of crematory business from the three states of Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee. However, in early 2002, the Tri-State Crematorium was discovered to have 334 corpses that were supposed to be cremated long ago. Among the corpses, only 222 were identified, because the other bodies were too decomposed for recognition.

In their three decades of service, the “ashes” that were given to the grieving families were found to be mostly out of wood chips and concrete dust.

The filed cases against the operator reached almost 800 charges from all three states. He was pleaded guilty and sentenced to a total of 24 years in prison and 75 years of probation. Although justice was brought to light, the bodies of the loved ones of many families were never identified.

3.Fire of Love

An 18-year old Indian bride of eight months threw herself into the funeral pyre of her husband. This was an old culture in India, which was named Sati. Sati is the act of widowed women throwing themselves into their husband’s burning dead body—ending their lives.

The women who became Sati were known to show no signs of discomfort or pain as they burned alive which was exactly what happened to this girl, Roop Kanwar. Roop’s relatives and loved ones watched her as she bravely held her husband’s head in her lap amidst the flames that engulfed them.

She became known all over the world as the last Sati. Many adored her courage and bravery, but others believed that her actions were forced and that she was murdered in this way. In the end, selected people were taken into custody for failing to stop her from her actions.

4.Oops! Wrong Person.

When the time came for the family of Jerry Moon to say their final goodbyes, they opened up the casket and found another man in his place. There was a mix-up in the funeral homes with him and a 97-year old man who were under the same hospice care. When the family asked where he was, they were shocked to discover that their father’s body had been cremated. Jerry was terrified by the idea of cremation itself, but his body ended up being cremated against his wishes.

The bodies were not identified by their appearance, but only by the bracelet tag that they were given. The investigation for finding the one responsible in the facility is still under operation, but once they find the culprit, he or she will be fined and punished through revoking their license.